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imagejpegJust as Strawberries mark the spring season in Central Florida, nothing epitomizes spring in Germany quite like the revered white stalks of Spargel(Asparagus).  While the green variety is more popular here in the states, and readily available, the Germans prefer Spargels  seasonality and flavor.

The growing technique is a bit different for white asparagus.  Spargel grows entirely surrounded by earth which protects the slender stalk from sunlight exposure and thereby keeps it from turning green. This also affects the vegetable’s subtle flavor. Spargel is rich in nutrients and very low in calories, easy to prepare, and most delicious to eat!

During Spargel season, most Germans indulge in the delicate flavor of this tender spring vegetable at least once a day.  Annual consumption totals over 70,000 tons per year. With annual production averaging under 60,000 tons, Germany also imports Spargel to meet the continuously high demand for the healthy stalks. The vegetable’s popularity may in part be rooted in its long history as a luxury vegetable. Going back as far as 2000 BC, the prized vegetable was cultivated by the Ancient Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans. During the rule of  Louis XIV, it gained in popularity and was reserved to the tables of the courts. Cultivation of Spargel in the region around the city of Stuttgart dates back to the 16th century.

While you will find that in most German restaurants Spargel is steamed and served warm and accompanied by classic hollandaise, I prefer to toss the stalks with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper and lightly grill or roast until tender.  My sauce of choice is a mixture of the yolks from hard boiled eggs blended with a touch of mayo, dry mustard, smoked paprika and kosher salt. I serve this on the side or spooned over the Spargel and garnish with fried capers.

Spring seemed to be the ideal time to visit Southern Germany and Spargel confirmed that theory for me at every lunch and dinner I enjoyed.

Don’t despair if Germany is not on ur travel radar in the near future, you can often find White Asparagus at markets such as Whole Foods.  Not always as rich and delicious as the fresh crop in Germany, but still very much enjoyable.

Entertain Deliciously!!

Florida Tempts Groups with Deliciously Diverse Culinary Scene

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April 2015
Florida tempts groups with deliciously diverse culinary scene
by Lisa Simundson


How have you seen Orlando’s dining scene evolve?

I’ve been cooking here for 25 years, though actually, I was one of the first chefs to cook in the James Beard House, all the way back in 1994. Back in the early ’90s, you had Allen Susser, Norman Van Aken and Mark Militello in South Florida, using local ingredients there and it was pretty revolutionary at the time. Here, there have always been restaurants that understood the farm-to-table concept and about buying locally, but it’s just taken a long time and some marketing dollars to get the word out. Now there are new restaurants opening all the time—chef-driven restaurants. Last year, they announced the James Beard Award nominees here in Orlando, so that really proved how far we’ve come as a culinary destination.

Beyond Orlando, are you seeing any trends?

The whole dining scene has really evolved nationwide over the past 10 years because people are much more educated about food now than they were a decade ago. They search out where they want to go online and search about menu items and ingredients. Food is becoming more like entertainment for people. I know for myself, as a chef, I definitely plot out where I’m going to eat when I travel.

Tell us about your culinary tours and accommodating groups.

Our tours have been very well received. Between our new winery stops, the cooking and gardening and visiting with vendors in the market, it’s become really popular. As for group size, 30 seems to about the right number. We can do more but then they’d be split between two coaches. It’s about a four-hour tour and seems to work best after lunchtime, like 12:30 or 1, then back to the hotel by 6.

Check out this link to view full story.

Dim Sum at BARJME


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Eating up Paris, 2015

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